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I am a military equipment hobbyist and collector of M939 series military 6x6 trucks. M939 series trucks are very often referred to as “900 series trucks”. The M939 series of trucks include the M923, M925A2, M928A1, M931 and many others. M939/A1 models are equipped with the NHC250 Cummins naturally aspirated diesel motor while the M939A2 models are equipped with the 8.3 CTA Cummins turbo-charged after-cooled diesel motor. All M939 series trucks are equipped with the MT654CR Allison automatic transmission and air-shift front axle. 


I am slowly, but surely, getting out of the hobby, so have much for sale. A recent heart attack has caused me to re-evaluate, and appropriately shift, how I spend my time; if you’re looking for free advice, I’m no longer your guy.


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